Sun Care with Sensitive Skin


Mask, Sand and Sunscreen

Mask are not just for Spa Days at home!

My skin is so sensitive to the sun and my face tends to dry out especially when I am on a beach vacation and need to catch a flight.

Plane + Sun = Dry Skin for me!

One of the first things I like to pack are sheet mask. A couple in my luggage and a couple in my carry on. (Most of the time my luggage is my carry on but that is for a different post)

Hydration is a must when you have sensitive dry skin. I love applying Neutrogena's hydrogel mask after a day of flying and sun to keep my skin hydrated. The hydrogel mask come in different "flavors" as I like to say. There are many options to choose from. I recommend getting one of each to try to understand what your skin likes the best.

From my experience, each of the mask are so hydrating right out of the package! As soon as I apply to my skin I can feel its' soothing effects.

While on vacation and really anytime your skin is exposed to the sun SPF is also a must! On my most recent sun in the fun vacation I tried the Ultra Sheer Sunscreen to help protect my skin from sun rays.

My First Impressions:

My biggest issues with sunscreen's for the face are the textures and harsh ingredients that tend to break me out. This sunscreen goes on very light and not sticky.

My skin did tan quite a bit after vacation but I am happy to report I did not get any of those tiny heat bumps on my face. I will give this product another try for my next vacation!

Honorable Mentions from Neutrogena

I initially tried this line for sun protection during a previous vacation and did not like how it looked when I was out in public. Swipe over to take a look at the swatches.

Some Pros on this sunscreen:

+ It is for sensitive skin

+ I did not have sun damage after vacation

+ A little goes a long way. You just need a dab

It does leave a bit of a white streak after use, which is why I did not like it for out and about in public....and my Instagram selfies.

Don't worry - I did find a good use for this product! As mentioned above it does get the job done in terms of function. As the weather is getting nicer, while quarantined or anytime you are lounging around the house; it is still important to incorporate SPF as part of your daily routine to prevent sun damage.

I like to apply a half a dab under my face moisturizer for the day to help keep my skin hydrated and protected from the sun rays.

"I need a 6 month vacation...twice a year"


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