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Drunk Elephant Bronzer

When my skin is feeling and looking dry and dull I like to add a little bit of bronzer for a little glow. Adding a touch of glow to my skin, seems to do the trick to pep up a dull day.

For me, I know Drunk Elephant for their skincare line. The packaging in the crisp white bottles and bright colored tops!

When I learned about their bronzer option I was excited to check it out! I later learned I could try a sample using my points before committing to the full size and decided it was worth the try.

Mini Rant: I love when brands offer mini sizes and sample sizes to try out! It gives me the option as a customer to try more from a brand and purchase the full size at a later time based on my experience. (More on my love of travel size products here)

(Okay back to the review!)

First Impressions:

The pigment in this bronzer is great on my complexion. Perfect for a subtle glow.

At the first squeeze it does look a little overwhelming because you see the glowing pigment but it does sheer out pretty nicely. For added glow you can keep layering it on.

For my deeper complexion, I add a drop as highlighter on my cheeks, on top of my primer and apply foundation after for a more natural glow.

For around the house, I apply a small amount with no other makeup, all over my face and sheer it out.

Take a look at the 3 swatches below!

Swatch 1

  • The first squeeze of product out of the bottle

Swatch 2

  • Lightly rubbing the product into the skin

Swatch 3

  • Sheering out the product into the skin

As summer approaches, I am starting to think more about bronzers and shimmer highlighters! I like to be a little extra in my glow during the summer!


"Constantly Growing and Glowing"

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