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Do Stickers Work? I need to focus...

Weekly Planner and Organizer

I started to explore planners because of the need I felt to organize. To help plan my week and really just focus.

I am typically a "...it's in my head" type of person and that can certainly be overwhelming!

I love to long-term goal set using pen and paper (see my previous post here) but when it comes to planning out my immediate week I have been struggling!

I should apply some of those same long-term goal setting practices to my weekly organization planner!

I ordered a planner from Amazon to help with this and honestly have not been consistent with using it.

Is it me? Is it the planner?

Search results when you type in "planner" can be overwhelming! Since I had some experience in the past with planners it helped to narrow down the things I liked and the things I didn't like in a planner in an effort to narrow down my results.

Here is what I was looking for:

  1. I wanted a space to set goals for the month

  2. I wanted a weekly view and a space to fill out details on a daily basis

  3. I wanted to be able to track my progress during the week to ensure I was tracking against my end of month goal

  4. I wanted stickers...

I slowly wanted to become an avid tracker of things like:

  • Laundry Days

  • Groceries

  • Doctor appointments

  • Social reminders

  • Goals

The list goes on!

Today is just as good as any other day to start. My new motto for the rest of the year... and beyond is "you have to start somewhere".

I will write one thing down, maybe two and work on my consistency!


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