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Skincare Together

I always want my husband to get into a skin care routine like me and with me.

Cleanse. Cleanse. Serum. Moisturize...repeat

I love when brands offer a "For Men" line. It is an easier sell at home when the products are geared towards actions my husband has to take like shaving for example.

Question though...

Is there a difference between a "For Men" face wash/moisturizer compared to other moisturizer products within a brands line?

I really don't think so and after putting this theory to test, I may have to change my opinion from "I love when brands offer a "For Men" line to "I guess it is ok that brands offer a "For Men" line.

It really speaks to the power of advertisement and how packaging can make a difference in a consumers purchase! Packaging can also make a difference in a consumers perspective. (head over to the interactive section on my previous post on packaging to read more.)

The Review

An interview with my husband after a few weeks of using the product:

Blade Runner

Wife: How did you like it?

Husband: It's's good

Wife: What's good about it?

Husband: It is foamy. That's good for the blade

Wife: Would you want me to purchase it again? Do you need it?

Husband: It's good but I don't know if I need it

Typically when my husband shaves he uses a warmed wash cloth over his face and water to wet the blade and shaves.

Repurchase: No

Fire Fighters

Wife: How did you like it?

Husband: I liked this one it helped with the burn

Repurchase: Yes

Save the Males

Wife: How did you like this moisturize compared to others that were not labeled specifically for men? Husband: I honestly did not notice a difference

Repurchase: No

Final Thoughts

Based on the use of this product I have drawn a few conclusions:

There wasn't much standout with the shaving cream and the moisturizer. The shaving cream was based on preference so perhaps you may have a different experience depending on how you shave but I do not think it is necessary to purchase skin care products specifically for men.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of purchasing a targeted men's line is purely for packaging aesthetics. If you are having a hard time "skin caring" together, purchasing something specific towards actions your significant other has to take, like shaving can help ease him or her into a routine.

The product that we would repurchase again is specific to a need. It helped reduce the burning sensation caused by shaving. Based on that, my recommendation would be to focus on the need.

What do you need your products to do for you versus basing a decision solely on packaging.

I am with countless others that nothing makes me happier then seeing a beautiful display of brand excellence on my vanity but I have to remember...

Are there any benefits to what I am purchasing?

Disclosure: Some links contained in this blog post are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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