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How Are You Today?

A Self Pep Talk

Don't quit your day dream

I have always been a pen to paper type of person. It is hard for me to create any sort of check list or task on the computer. I need to physically write things down.

I am also a bit of a procrastinator, so typing things out starts out well, but then I start opening up internet browsers and visiting non related topics and suddenly my thought process is all over the place.

(I am thinking perhaps a vision board is in my future!)

One of the places I love to write is in my little relaxing corner. A space, I carved out for myself at home. (Click here to read my previous post about having a space of my own.)

I have been enjoying putting my thoughts on paper to help manifest my ideas, goals, and life into something tangible.

A few topics on my mind:

  • How do I keep my home organized?

  • How do I figure out additional streams of income?

  • How do I maintain my happiness?

  • What are my deadlines?

Recently, as I was goal setting during quarantine, I started to look through some old photos. Looking through old photos makes me miss the safety and security of being outdoors. I love to travel! Looking through those photos helped to reignite that flame and passion.

Write things down! Manifest!

I know things will never 100% be the same, as a lot of people, including myself will carry a little bit of this anxiety for some time; but I do look forward to people getting better and a happier future.

Click here to read my previous post on how I like to meditate to get myself into the right headspace.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading!

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